Church leadership isn’t a matter of physical life and death, but it is a matter of spiritual life and death. Wise church leaders, that is, wise pastors, can make an incredible difference in the eternal lives of their church people. That is why Paul numbers pastors and teachers among God’s gifts to the church. We can’t discount the need for all the lessons of leadership we’ve learned over the centuries — we need accountability, we need transparency, we need wisdom, compassion, thoughtfulness and on and on. More than anything, however, in this age, we need leadership. Our “do it myself” culture despises leadership these days, but leadership is God’s plan for the New Testament church. Until you can improve on the Bible, you need to learn its lesson of church leadership and submit to it in your church.

Leadership is crucial because its style determines organisational culture – “How we do things around here” and so it sets the values and environment that influence behaviour.  Leadership also establishes the vision that sets the direction of an organisation and leads people on the journey to achieve it. 

AJC's top leadership posts are filled with men who have dedicated their lives to the cause of our Lords kingdom. The board of trustees and their responsibilities are listed below. Please continue to uphold these leaders in your everyday prayers.


Pastor. C. Gnanadas
[ President ]
Pastor. Ronald Jacob
[ Managing Trustee ]
Pastor. N. Arther Pandi
[ Treasurer ]
Pastor. R. K. Franklin
[ Joint Secretary ]
Pastor. P. James
[ Member ]
Pastor. R. Anbalagan
[ Member ]
Pastor. Joseph Moorthy
[ Member ]