AJC Ministries bloomed on 26th March 1978 at Kumbakonam of Thanjavur district, Tamil Nadu, familiarly known as the "temple town". Kumbakonam town is located 40kms (25 miles) from Thanjavur and 273kms (170 miles) from Chennai. With the ministry centuplicating across the nation and host of full-time ministers ministering unto the Lord, AJC Ministries receives its spiritual guidance and directions from its Chief Pastor, Pastor. C. Gnanadhas, who operates from Kumbakonam and keeps traveling to visit and strengthen the widespread branch churches. Kumbakonam AJC campus also hosts the AJC English School, reputed as the best CBSE school in the town. The academic annual results and the knowledge imbibed by the students stand as applauding witnesses of the Master's glory. AJC Middle School, in unison uplifts the magnificence of the Lord.

AJC Churches spread across the nation brings forth a sense of intimacy with the Maker, as an outcome of being rebuked of the shortcomings, trespasses and unexposed wrongdoings. What manifests the uniqueness in this Ministry is the oneness and fellowship the ministers of the Lord share among themselves, amidst of hailing from diversified culture, family and social backgrounds. Unified as one army of the Lord, we march forward with one vision - to reach out to the lost souls. To put in a nutshell, anybody with the urge and thirst to serve in the Lord's army find their place here. Amen!

People from various walks of life, who dedicate the rest of their lives to serve the Master, buzz here at AJC Ministries to put in their best towards the expansion of the Kingdom of God. Amazingly awesome is the Lord's doing in bringing the right people at the right time to fulfill the right task for His glory. Inspite of a couple of natural calamities that encountered a handful of the churches, the Lord is been working in ways inexplicable and far away from being fathomed by human brains. Truly He is Faithful.

Prioritizing God, the Father, Jesus the Son and Holy Spirit, the Comforter, AJC Ministries finds its strength in the quiet hours spent at the Lord's feet amidst favourable and unfavourable situations. Certainly, the power and leading bestowed at the Lord's presence surpasses any other counsel, strength and directions. With an unceasing determination to prepare the flock to meet the King of Kings in glory, we ensure the intervention of the Holy Ghost which is indeed the need of the hour. It boosts up our faith in Christ when we hear people who take part in the services come up sharing their experiences of feeling the touch of the Holy Spirit, bringing forth transformation in their lives. What greater joy does a minister of God has, apart from witnessing souls being transformed by the touch of the Holy Spirit! Our sincere desire and an awakening call to children of God out there is to strive for the manifestation of the Kingdom of God, no matter where the Lord had put you. Persist on bearing a witness to the Lord, for whether we eat, or drink, or whatever we do, let's do it all for the glory of God and God alone!!!!


Assembly of Jesus Christ Church, located at Adambakkam, Chennai, is been operating as the head office of AJC Ministries has centuplicated across the nation. In obedience to the Holy Calling, Late Pastor V. Russelian along with his dear wife, Mrs. Abigail Russelian began this ministry at the current location on May 1st 1983, under the spiritual leadership of Chief Pastor, Pastor C. Gnanadas. The journey so far had been quite challenging, yet encouraging in the Lord, for He who called is Faithful. It is the Lord's everlasting grace that has brought us thus far. Indeed, none of his words had ever fallen to the ground, unfulfilled. The unshakable doctrinal foundation laid by Pastor. V. Russelian has been of sheer strength to his son, Pastor. Ronald Jacob, who now leads the flock over the past decade after his father entered the Lord's kingdom, finishing his race in triumph. Amidst numerous public oppositions, uproars and agitations, the Lord's omnipotence and magnificence has manifested His omnipresence thus far. Praise God!

AJC, Chennai caters to the spiritual needs of its neighbors and believers through its widespread wings of subsidiary ministries for the glory of God. In addition to the church services, AJC Ministries' ministerial wing is widespread to various other ministries like, Kids Ministries, Youth Ministries, Sisters' Ministries, Personal Evangelism, Bible College Ministries, North-East Ministries, Prison Ministries, Hospital Ministries and Church planting and Out-reach ministries.

We, at the AJC Church, are an Apostalic Full Gospel Ministry, hereby abide by the foundational doctrines and strive to march forward towards perfection. The depth of the Scriptures revealed at the sermons here, speak right to the hearts of the hearers, which are substantiated by innumerable testimonies. The presence of the Lord is so serene and powerful in comforting, rebuking and sanctifying his flock at every service and prayer gatherings. Focusing on sanctification and discipline, we strive towards ensuring that our steps are established by the Lord. Indelible are the impressions made by the encounter of the Holy Ghost upon those who gather to worship the Holy God during the praise and worship sessions. Hallelujah!