Seminars primarily are for new Christians and seasoned pastors whose desire is to get more out of the Bible. They are, in fact, for anybody who loves the Lord at any level of faith development. They are also for anyone who truly desires to improve their relationship with Christ, of course, this should be what we all desire! We can do this because we hold them in a workshop format, so you learn at your own pace or level. Therefore, you won't be sitting through a boring monotonous "lecture style" seminar, as you did when you where in school. We conduct a unique easy to learn "hands on" training workshop for to can dive into the depths of Scripture and to the express purpose of improving the participants' devotions and Bible study results and in turn improving relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

We insist on getting the most out of your Bible reading, whether it is to enhance your devotions or sermon preparations, we challenge you to develop a fresh approach to studying the God's Word. We hold a very high view of the Bible, as it is God's only authoritative means of communication to us. And you can learn how to improve your relationship with Him or to rekindle it. We are assist in deepening your relationship with Him, after all it is the purpose of our existence in this life.

We teach how to effectively study the Bible through what is called the "Inductive Bible Study Method". Showing how to break down the text so you can understand it better, we unite it with how you can observe it, learn, interpret it, and then apply it to your life - just the way a mechanic learns how to dismantle a car so that he can learn how to fix it back. But with the Bible, it is not broken; however, sometimes our means of understanding the Bible "feels" broken. We also teach about the different types of literature in the Bible; history, law, epistles, poetry, prophesy, and parables such that you can avoid what is called 'exegetical fallacies,' which means making errors of interpretation.

We strive to make each participant in our seminar as a guest in God's presence, because you one. Treating in this manner, the child of God feels encouraged to be comfortable and confident with who he is in Christ, so when he reads the entire Bible, he meditates even the book of Leviticus in the perspective as to who he is in His presence. And the confidence he has is because of what He did for him. This marks the lane for his excitement to grow along with his faith and commitment!

Anyone who is a Christian and truly desires to grow in Christ is the right person to partake in these Seminars. Those who desire to improve their daily Bible reading, quiet time, prayer life, relationship with Christ or with a vision and burden to do something for Christ in this mortal life well fits in to partake in these Seminars. Sunday School teachers, Bible Study leaders, and Pastors find these sessions inspiring and instigating; however we encourage everyone to be a part of these. Teenagers through elderly adults from all walks of life and occupations joining together and learning together in God's presence is indeed a divine blessing!