Pastors' Conference: In view of bonding all the Pastors under AJC Ministries serving the Lord at various widespread base locations, Pastors' Conference are organised occasionally. Various issues the present day Ministries face and the corrective measures in dealing them are dealt in these gatherings, from the light of the Scripture. A portion of the duration is exclusively set aside to share the magnificent works of the Lord in the various wings of Ministries at different branches for the glory of the Lord. Indeed, He who called is Faithful!

Ministering unto the Lord amidst this stained, competitive, fast-paced world, loaded with infinite sins coming up in all fashions, is undeniably a tough task to be fulfilled. Equally difficult, is the heavenly calling to lead this congregation in holiness and reverence of the Lord. Bearing this in mind, Pastors' conferences are focused on handling the challenges faced in leading the flock based on the Word of God, inspired by the Holy Spirit. Additionally, genuine personal and collective counselling is offered to the Pastors in guarding their sanctity, responsibilities as the head of the family and as a shepherd of the flock, thereby, setting up a model by walking in the footsteps of our Lord Jesus Christ! Numerous testimonies of the Pastors who have emerged out of their untold hidden shortcomings as a result of taking heed to the counsel offered is been a sure manifestation of the Lord's benevolent grace upon His chosen ones who desire to return to Him with a broken and a contrite heart, which He never despises!

Family Get-togethers: Joshua 24: 15 reads,  "...As for me and my household, we will serve the Lord." Serving the Lord, the Author and Perfector of our faith, is undeniably the greatest blessing bestowed upon any family. On the other hand, the toothless devil schemes up every possible way to rip aside the peace prevailing amidst the families, thereby paving ways for the divine eternal will of the Lord to stand unfulfilled. To bridge up this gap and to strengthen the families of the believers of AJC ministries across the nation, frequent retreats for families are on the row coming up for the glory of God. When the parents along with their children grow up in the fear of the Lord, the family as an entity, becomes a channel to spread the Gospel of Christ's love in and around their neighborhood.

While bringing up kids has turned out to be a comparitively difficult task as against the late 90's, these family retreats and get-togethers aim at offering counselling to parents and children collectively and/or individually, assisting in the better functioning of every redeemed family in Christ. A better wrap up among all the members of the family is the need of the hour. Building up a holy generation definitely brings forth a revival in the nation in days ahead. Rising up families to support and encourage mission fronts in remote places is indeed the responsibility of the church, just as the early church played a vital role in the Gospel being spread. These family gatherings are aimed to cater to these needs for the glory of the Lord! For, expansion of the Lord's Kingdom is the Great Commission on His people, chosen and saved by grace.

Kids' Church: Bringing up kids in this fast-paced, competitive, fashion-stained world brimming with sins of all intensities in quite a hard task for parents, teachers, leaders, co-ordinators and mentors as well. Perhaps, the indomitable challenge of nurturing the next generation vests with the Church! In this perspective, efforts are made from every dimension with the vision to groom kids in the fear of the Lord. The Kids Ministries cater to meet this vision in every aspect including teaching songs, Biblical incidents, Memorization verses, competitions, performances, testimonies and so on.. " Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings hast thou ordained strength(praise)..." sings the Psalmist in Psalm 8: 2. How glorious will it be, to witness little children lead their friends and family to salvation, sanctification and spirit-filled life! In a nutshell, the prophecy through Isaiah in the book of Isaiah 54: 13, which says, " And all thy children shall be taught of the LORD; and great shall be the peace of thy children" - being fulfilled in the lives of the upcoming generation is the motive behind the vision of Kids' Church. May the Lord's grace and mercy abound!