Reaching out to students at school with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ is the priveleged task, for we deal with the future pillars of the society, land and nation. The society we live it is indeed influenced by what it is exposed to. So are the little children.

By reaching out to students at school, the Gospel of Christ's kingdom is preached to fresh, faithful souls who keep the word, meditate on it and live accordingly right from their young age. With proper channelised counselling sessions, the children find Christ to be the Rock on whom they could stand unshakeable.

Issues faced by school children

Children at school hail from various backgrounds ranging from the paupers to affluents. Every child walks through some issue based on her circumstances. Few to jot out are,

  • Financial issues
  • Health issues of  own or family members
  • Academic issues
  • Issues between parents
  • Sufferings of single parents
  • Problems with siblings
  • Issues with teaching faculties
  • Troubles due to drunkard fathers
  • Quarrel among friend circles
  • Mental stress due to being abused
  • Inability to share personal issues with parents
  • Frustration due to being bullied
  • Low self esteem of being cornered
  • Inferiority complex
  • Instablity due to improper guidance on career
  • Generation gap
  • Lack of love and attention from parents
  • Issues with relationships and affairs

The list is exhaustive. Yet the fact is that, only by regularised guidance and continuous monitoring, these kids could arise from their existing botlenecks and emerge as eminent children to reach their destined future. Here is where we pitch in to bridge the gap with Christ as the backbone to set right uncertainities of all intensities.